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Norovirus Outbreak Reporting Tool

Norovirus is a frequent cause of outbreaks of gastroenteritis in NHS hospitals. Reporting outbreaks through this online surveillance tool will provide:

  -a timely quantification of the level of norovirus activity in NHS hospitals throughout the year
  -improved understanding of the overall burden of disease and impact on hospital resources
  -help in the detecting the emergence of new epidemic norovirus variants

Please see HNORS User Guidance which explains how to access the HNORS website and report an outbreak.

Please report all suspected and laboratory confirmed outbreaks (Definition of an outbreak) on a regular basis, weekly reporting is recommended.

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Importance of reporting suspected and confirmed outbreaks

For national norovirus surveillance to be effective it is essential that all outbreaks of suspected or confirmed norovirus in NHS hospitals are reported to HNORS and NHS laboratories refer representative proportions of positive norovirus samples from these outbreaks to the national reference laboratory ( Enteric Virus Unit , PHE Colindale) on a regular basis.

Reports and guidance

For the latest information on norovirus activity please see the ‘Epidemiology and surveillance’ section of the PHE Norovirus webpages. Please also see the Guidelines for the management of norovirus outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settings.

Seasonal comparison of norovirus laboratory reports 2011/12-2019/20